The Mighty Mississippi in Minnesota

When I first began this blog many moons and many iterations ago, I lived in New England. I had no inkling that I might ever move from the land where I was born. Nor did I imagine that any place could match up to this place that I loved. But here I am today in Minnesota. Hello Twin Cities!

I’ve killed and revived this blog so many times. It might seem like now that I no longer live in New England that I might want to think about changing the name.

I’m not going to.

New England is still a huge part of my self-identity and I still feel very much connected to it although it’s far away. Minnesota is similar in many ways, and different in many ways. It has been a delight to discover the similarities and differences from the people, the the language and accents, the traditions, the history, the culture, and even the plants and animals. As a non-native, I’m excited to explore and share my experiences here and on Instagram.

The Move from Massachusetts to Minnesota and the Birth of our Son

I have many stories to share already (in due time!). Our move from Massachusetts to Minnesota in the hands of my husband’s new employer was both sudden and timed for maximum stress. When we locked our doors in Massachusetts for the last time I was 34 weeks pregnant with our first child. I continued to work remotely for my Boston company through the move and through the end of my pregnancy. I dragged my laptop between temporary housing options up until the week before Christmas when we moved to our townhouse. Our son was born two days after Christmas and our lives changed again.

Through my son I was able to meet so many other lovely Minnesota mamas and forge some fast friendships. These may have started with the mutual struggle of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, but have become so much more than that.

We’ve learned too that the Twin Cities is a land of festivals and outdoor pursuits in the summer. Despite being a little colder than New England on the coldest days, and a few weeks longer, we also discovered that Minnesotans have got winter figured out so much better than we have. They have sky ways, indoor parks, and many winter traditions out of doors. You can’t help but step out yourself even if it means hustling from heated tent, to bonfire, to heated tent. We haven’t tried our hand at snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or ice fishing yet, but I doubt it will be long. How do you know you live in Minnesota? When you see an ice drill sold at Costco.

I’m so excited to keep exploring this land and meeting its people. I hope you enjoy following along!