It’s autumn in New England and I’m finally launching my blog! Needless to say I’m excited.

This blog has been a long time in coming. I’ve been cooking and baking in our family kitchen from my girlhood and won a few prizes for baking in country fairs, but it wasn’t until my post-college bohemian apartment days when I had my own kitchen that I started getting requests, questions, and praise for my cooking and baking. “How do you do that?”, “I never would have thought to add lemon!”, and “This is way better than from the store.” It didn’t take long after that to conceive the idea of writing a blog. I designed one that very year — it was beautiful! — and didn’t write a word.

Likewise the time spent in my mother’s garden or in the woods and fields near our house was equally fruitful and formative, but it never occurred to me that I could or should write about it, but 3 gardens of my own and a study of herbs and nutrition changed that mindset too.

Seven years, five kitchens, and three gardens later, here I am, finally putting down words on a page, and soon a recipe or two from my repertoire as well. I admire so many culinary bloggers, herbalists, and gardeners. While I’m just beginning this endeavor I hope that readers out there find my blog just as helpful as I’ve found all of theirs.

Stay tuned for food reviews and recipes, articles on health and fitness including a dive into herbal studies, and some rambling about gardens and the natural world. This is a personal blog, but pretty soon I’ll be posting great content appropriate for multiple interests. And if you only want recipes? The site is split up so that you can read only what you’re interested in.

Good luck to me, and good eating everyone! Stay happy and healthy this season.